About us

What is smartist?

Smartist is an online platform where people or businesses can create personalized, one-of-a-kind artworks using Artificial Intelligence. 

What is smartist?

Smartist was born in Paris in 2008 out of a desire to make art more accessible. 

We believe art is a form of individual expression but unfortunately, we didn't all have the capacity to create a visual representation of what we want to express or of who we are. 

With smartist now we do. 

How does it work?

For individuals 


Head to the GENERATOR, fill in the form and generate your unique art-work.


Select a ONE-OF-A-KIND artwork from our STORE.


Buy one of our SPECIAL EDITION paintings from our limited series.

For businesses

Let us know what you would need and we create specially-themed one-of-a-kind artwork to fit your space and your design.        ( download business presentation )

Our commitment to you and to the environment


Sustainability is one of our main concerns, not only professionally but personally so we decided to try to make things better and not worse for the planet.

In order to counterbalance our production process and transportation, we are planting a tree for every canvas we sell. 

The founders 

Bianca Gostin

Following my MBA I started working as a tech project manager. This gave me the opportunity to meet Sakina and to discover our mutual love for entrepreneurship and art.


I am fascinated by different forms of artistic expression and that was part of the inspiration behind smartist.
If we can, why not make art more accessible?

Sakina Laanani

I'm a software engineer with a passion for programming. I met Bianca during an internship where I had the chance to work with her. We became friends and decided to start our own company together. 

I think technology already has a tremendous impact on our lives. Like everybody else, I am curious to see how it is going to evolve in the future. However, I not only want to see that change happen, but I also want to be part of it.

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